I finished all but one of skills assessments related to dictionaries. I feel like I did them okay, maybe not the way I was supposed to but with my own logic and ideas.

The real issue was the object orientation assessment. I was really surprised. When I came home Friday night I was so excited about it – I felt like something had finally clicked and it was so logical and I really liked it. I actually wanted to play around with it more but I forced myself to go to sleep given that I had only slept a few hours.

When I looked at it today, it didn’t make sense. So, I went to Staples and got a dry erase board. I thought the time away would help. It didn’t. I absolutely understood classes and objects on Friday, and my brain emptied all of that understanding out when I went to bed on Friday night! I completed part of the assignment, but I feel really frustrated. I am going to bed. At least 7 hours of sleep await me, and that will be good.

Photo by Stefan Kunze



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