React at Stripe

During my studying today I couldn’t help but finish watching the AVL tree video from the MIT series!

I have taken a few classes on React and I will continue to take them at every opportunity I get. Tonight’s class was taught by another Michelle  — Michelle Bu, who is an engineer at Stripe. Amazingly enough, she has the GitHub username I would love to have: michelle!

During the class, we used React to build a Pokemon-Go type of game. Everyone forked a repository on Github, and then we all used React to change a web page to display our choice of a Pokemon picture. We then all pushed our changes to Github and all of our Pokemon were displayed on the page (but they were grayed out), which was being projected as part of the presentation. Lastly, we changed our React code to allow us all to “hunt” for the Pokemon on the screen, and when we caught a Pokemon, the image was no longer grayed out but became visible. It was a fun night.Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.29.07 PM.png


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