Open Source

Today Hackbright hosted a webinar given by the Apache Software Foundation. I have heard of open source software, but I did not know anything about the Apache Software Foundation. As the hour progressed I was increasingly amazed at all of the Apache projects. I had no idea that Cassandra (it is on my list of things to play with one day), Hadoop, Hive, and more were all Apache projects.

The point of the talk was to encourage us to contribute to Apache projects. During the presentation, the speakers went into depth about three projects that use Python where help is needed in order to give us an idea of what we can help with: Open Climate Workbench, Apache Chemistry, and Thrift.  I am really excited about Chemistry, but I also want to look at a few other projects too.

More than anything, I like the idea of shared knowledge that open source provides. My mind is continually excited and blown away by all of the possibilities!


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