Board Games (and more) at Eventbrite

Hackbright Alumni Network

This morning I met up with a Ladynerd (the term for a Hackbright alumna) for coffee. She completed Hackbright in 2012. I am so grateful that she took the time to meet with me and answer all of my questions! We spoke about Hackbright, jobs, career paths and more; she had a wealth of very helpful information.  Having a community of alumnae who are engaged is one of the reasons that I choose Hackbright.

game-708584_1280Board Games and more at Eventbrite

Tonight’s event features board games, Mexican food and more at Eventbright. It was refreshing to attend a mixer where people had a natural way to meet up and chat – by choosing a table with their board game of choice. When I arrived, one my friends was sitting at the table with the Settlers of Catan…. I have several friends who play the game, and while I have never joined them, I know it takes more than the time we had for the event. We ended up playing a game of Clue, with among others, a software engineer who splits his time between Calgary and San Francisco and a data scientist. I won – but not because I guessed correctly – instead, everyone else who was playing guessing incorrectly!

The event also featured a short program with panelists from Eventbrite, Facebook , LinkedIn and Dev/Color. The focus was on building a network in tech and a personal network. All of the speakers were engaging, offered good advice and were very approachable.

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