Projects at Clef with Women Who Code

Women Who Code EastBay, Clef, and Hackbright

Tonight was my second time attending the Women Who Code event at Clef in Oakland that occurs every other week. Everyone shows up with a project(s) she is working on and after eating and introductions, works on her project. The people at Clef are kind to lend the space and all of the other ladies are willing to help each other with questions.

One of my friends (also a Hackbright alumna) also attended. As we were setting up our computers, the hostess of the event from Women Who Code overheard us chatting, and as it turns out, she went to Hackbright too.  She finished about a year ago. It was fascinating to talk to her and hear about her journey. We ended up talking most of the evening, and I learned so much from that conversation.


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