API World

API World

I received a free open pass to API World from Women Who Code SF. I was very excited to learn more about API’s. I used three API’s for my Hackbright Project (Google Maps, 7Digital and Auth0 [which is not a play on words, but instead an API that allows for SSO.)  Unfortunately, the open pass allowed for very limited access to conference sessions. The result was that I attended several sessions that were more marketing oriented than skill oriented.

My favorite session was “Microservices a Game Changer for Industries and Organizations.” The talk was given by Andrea Stubbe and Philippe Souidi, both of whom work for SAP Hybris and flew in from Germany to give the talk. The reason I enjoyed it was that they presented interesting use cases for microservices. The presentation started with an example of microservices applied to a futuristic car — where the owner can use Pandora as a microservice, or air conditioning as a microservice and many other options. The vehicle is configured with standard options, and on an as desired basis, additional options are added using microservices for a limited duration.


The product that they presented is YaaS, which aims to be an all-in-one platform for microservcies. Ideally, I think the goal is for the platform to handle everything, from contracting, to hosting, to billing and more.

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