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The focus at Hackbright was Python, and so I am always looking for ways to improve my JavaScript skills and learn new technologies — enter NodeSchool SF!  I have wanted to experiment with using JavaScript on the backend instead of Python, especially with one of the NoSQL databases I have been learning (Firebase, Cassandra). This article is quite helpful in describing not only what Node is and how it can be used, but also when Node is and is not the best choice.

NodeSchool meets once per month. Anyone who wants to learn JavaScript, Node, or just about anything else JavaScript related, can show up, use their free online tutorials, and ask for help from volunteer mentors. The online tutorials are set up as progressive challenges; each challenge is harder and builds on the prior challenge. I ended up starting a GitHub repo to help track my progress. Take their online JavaScript tutorial (or another JavaScript class) prior to starting the Node tutorial, as it assumes you know JavaScript.



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