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Travelling Lady

In honor of my birthday this month, I decided to take a few vacations … and move! First, I spent a long weekend visiting college friends in Aptos, Santa Cruz, and Mountain View. I really enjoy Aptos and took full advantage of the sunny days to enjoy a long run by the beach.  The picture above is from that amazing run. I miss the beach and the sun. I had missed my friends too. It is amazing how after all these years I still have these close friends, who I consider to be lifelong friends. I have learned so much from them and continue to learn.


Next, I headed to San Diego for another long weekend with friends. I love San Diego and naturally had to enjoy the San Diego weather by taking multiple runs and hikes; the picture directly above is from the bluffs at Torrey Pines. I finally admitted to myself that after eight months, it was time to move back to Southern California. So, after Thanksgiving, I bid goodbye to the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles.


I finished my digital marketing circuit at General Assembly this month! I am so excited to finally be able to construct social media campaigns, understand more about Google Analytics, examine the different points in the marketing funnel and figure out what might work best at each point and so much more!

The tech scene in Los Angeles is different from the Bay Area. While this month I have been focused mostly on digital marketing, along with Python, and JavaScript (including Node!) with a bit of SQL, I am looking forward to seeing what Silicon Beach has to offer.


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