AI for Good

AI for Good at I went to a PyData meetup tonight, “AI for Good,” at’s headquarters. After an initial explanation, we classified homes and related structures - manually - , as part of the Humanitarian Open Street map project to assist Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico. (Visit the task manager here: Continue Reading →

AWS Dev Day LA

AWS Dev Day LA is here! The event was held at the Loews hotel in Hollywood -- not exactly where you’d expect a tech conference, but this is Los Angeles! I went to the following sessions: Building Serverless Web Applications, Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Containers, Introduction to Deep Learning on AWS with Tensorflow (the... Continue Reading →

Discrete Math

Today was my third Discrete Math class. I like my teacher because he ties the material to computer science topics. One issue I had with calculus in college is that it seemed very abstract, and I couldn’t see why it was useful. Gratefully, my teacher makes these connections, which makes the material more interesting. Today... Continue Reading →

Connections Continue ….

Discrete Math and Sympy Today I have to finish reading for my Discrete Math class. While at times reading the text and following the examples is mind bending, at other times it makes perfect sense in a way that causes me to smile. So far, I think that Discrete Math is a combination of geometry... Continue Reading →

React and Redux

Tonight I went to another tech meetup in Los Angeles. The topic was JavaScript web applications, with a focus on the front end, specifically on React and Redux. I have taken a few classes on React in the past and in one class built a simple calculator. Tonight's class was focused on React and Redux... Continue Reading →

Tying it all together…

It's all connected.... I have been doing a lot of volunteer work recently, ostensibly as a web developer. However, I have discovered that things rarely fall into a neat (S3!) bucket we place them into. One surprise is how many websites use CMS. Two of the groups that I helped use WordPress, one used Squarespace... Continue Reading →


Photoshopping... One never really masters Photoshop; there is always more to learn. I first used Photoshop in a temp job after college, where I was working as an assistant in the art department. Some of the tasks that I had involved the use of Photoshop: make a tweak to a file, resize an image, change... Continue Reading →

Data Visualization & SQLite

Data Visualization (Viz) San Diego has a much smaller tech community than San Francisco. When I lived in the Bay Area, each night I could choose from a dozen or so tech meetups and events that were both interesting and at my skill level -- and that is only a fraction of what was available.... Continue Reading →

API’s and Behance

API’s Revisited It’s been a while since I played with an API… While I went to the API World conference last year, used API’s as part of school projects and used API’s for other classes and projects, I want to refresh myself. After looking over my school notes, I decided to take Udacity’s class "Designing... Continue Reading →

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