Practice, Practice, Practice

Coding Doing Math with Python Today I finished the examples in the first chapter of the Doing Math with Python book. I wrote a few extra functions, based upon what was presented, to reinforce what I was learning. HTML video I have not used the video tag in HTML, so my goal today was to... Continue Reading →

Pivoting, Python and Product

Pivoting Currently, I am enrolled at Product School , working on a Software Product Management Certificate. Product management is a natural extension of my experiences and interests: engineering, marketing, and user experience/interaction. While I have worked on cross-functional teams to build products, the process was ill-defined and the tools were non-existent; our focus was on GSD,... Continue Reading →

Node School SF

JavaScript All the Things! The focus at Hackbright was Python, and so I am always looking for ways to improve my JavaScript skills and learn new technologies -- enter NodeSchool SF!  I have wanted to experiment with using JavaScript on the backend instead of Python, especially with one of the NoSQL databases I have been learning... Continue Reading →

Tech Inclusion Conference

Tech Inclusion Conference Today I attended the Tech Inclusion conference, which is presented by Google for Entrepreneurs. The conference featured talks from many of the big-name tech companies but was focused on business topics rather than technical issues. My favorite talk was Raising Capital as an Early Stage Entrepreneur. Since I am hopelessly optimistic, it... Continue Reading →

Amp Up Your Content Marketing Conference

American Marketing Association (AMA) Virtual Event I have belonged to the American Marketing Association since 2014. Today's virtual conference, "Amp Up Your Content Marketing" was a perfect tie-in to what I have been learning in my General Assembly (GA) Digital Marketing Circuit. The conference featured speakers who gave tips and suggestions on various aspects of content... Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing Circuit

Vacation no more.... I signed up for General Assembly's Digital Marketing Circuit -- and I am so excited! The class starts today and I am looking forward to continuing on my quest to meld my software engineering skills with my marketing skills! The class has five core learning modules, weekly projects, and a weekly 1... Continue Reading →

2016 /dev/color in Motion

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Posse The conference started with a game of Rock, Paper Scissors, Posse -- and I won! This picture was taken during the finals. Talks Notably, the speakers at this conference were very frank and open. As a result, most of what they said remained "in the room." So, I am only sharing... Continue Reading →

Opticon Livestream

Opticon Livestream -- from New York I was able to listen to two of the afternoon talks, both of which were engaging and filled with useful information. I have been reviewing my notes from my Cornell Program (Certificate in Marketing Strategy), so the Opticon Livestream was one of many ways to stay up to date. Future... Continue Reading →

API World

API World I received a free open pass to API World from Women Who Code SF. I was very excited to learn more about API's. I used three API's for my Hackbright Project (Google Maps, 7Digital and Auth0 [which is not a play on words, but instead an API that allows for SSO.)  Unfortunately, the... Continue Reading →

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